TVC Motor Club Of America Vs AAA: Auto Clubs Benefits Comparison

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TVC Motor Club Of America Vs AAA: Auto Clubs Benefits Comparison

With the growing number of motor clubs worldwide, you may find it challenging to determine which is the best motor club for you. Today we’ll be looking at TVC Motor Club of America and AAA to see exactly how some of their motor club benefits compare.

If you’d like To visit the Motor Club Of America’s website click here. To visit AAA’s website click here.

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Let’s first take a look at AAA and their AAA Premier benefits package. We will be looking at how their roadside assistance services stack up against the TVC Motor Club benefits (Total Security Membership).

*Sources for AAA come from AAA’s Premier Benefits as listed on their site*


- Free Towing - 200 miles (1 tow per membership household/per year), 100 miles (3 tows)

TVC Marketing Motor Club Of America 

Free Towing - 24/7 “Sign and Go” dispatch service with towing up to 100 miles. No limit to the number of tows per membership household/per year unless membership is being abused.

You also have the option to call the provider of your choice for up to $100 reimbursement.

Emergency Road Services Calls


-4 calls per year, per member

TVC Motor Club 

-No limit unless membership is being abused.

Battery Service


- Jumpstart and battery purchase service (available in select areas)

Motor Club Of America

-Pays the reasonable charges to get your car started, including battery jumps (available in the USA and Canada)

Home Lockout Service


- provides up to $100 service

TVC Matrix Auto Club

-currently not available

Vehicle Locksmith Services


- provides up to $100 service

MCA Motor Club

-Pays the reasonable charges to get your car unlocked

Tire Service  & Fuel Delivery


- Installation of inflated spare tire, fuel delivered at no charge

Motor Club Of America/TVC Matrix

-Pays the reasonable charges to fix flat tires and deliver gas to your vehicle
Motor Club of America (MCA) TVC Matrix vs AAA

In the AAA vs Motor Club of America’s benefits comparison, we can see that TVC Motor Club offers comprable breakdown assistance services to AAA, but we still have more roadside assistance services to compare and contrast. Be sure to stay tuned as we continue to compare and contrast these two auto clubs.

If you’re in need of roadside assistance services you can check out each company’s website below:

To Join MCA today or AAA simply click either company’s banner.

Motor Club Of America Benefits

Total Security Membership Monthly Cost


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