20 Ways To Get MCA Motor Club of America Referrals

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20 Ways To Get MCA Motor Club of America Referrals

OK so I’ve been doing some research and getting questions about how to use these so called flyers. Well here are 20 ways you can use MCA flyers and work from home doing it!! FYI – some of this information was provided by an MCA representative, Nicole Lander. Here we go!

1. DMV (MVA in some states) – Great place to get drivers who need benefits. Things to remember or mention are the towing services, locksmiths and lawyer benefits for moving violations.

2. Grocery Stores – Hang them in the windows with tape, or on boards! Easy way to be seen and get people interested

3. Library – A lot of people without internet go here go look for jobs. Clean up on some referrals.

4. The Club – Why not? Business cards are a great tool to utilize here and most people may need the services in the morning if they are intoxicated and driving…

5. ATM machines – Leave business cards near the machine or where people fill out deposit slips

6. Food Courts – Most people eat lunch around noon time. Some may be willing to spend a few minutes and talk to you on how to make more money.

7. Trains – Leave flyers and business cards in train seats

8. Bus stations – Who knows who you can refer in a greyhound station.

9. Car Repair Stores – Autozone, Meineke, Advanced Auto..anywhere that sells anything related to cars is always a good look. Ask the manager first if its OK and pitch to him as well!

10. Unemployment office – Easy sales here guys. Self explanatory

11. Food Stamp Office – yet another simple solution. Not everyone enjoys food stamps and most people are open to new ideas of making money.

12. Concerts – This is where most younger crowds end up, who are more likely to take a chance at an opportunity like MCA

13. Unemployment Office – For the second time because its just that good!

14. Movies Parking Lot – For some reason or another, people tend to be more focused after seeing a movie, and will be more likely to pick this up or look into your flyer after an hour and a half in a dark room.

15. Cars in the mall – Great time to throw on some flyers to stick in peoples window. It will likely relate to vehicles and you never know, someone may call you back faster than you think.

16. College Campuses – Awesome place for students to pick up on easy money. I wish i had this opportunity when i was in college

17. Local Bars – May need to ask the manager but if not, simply passing around should suffice

18. Car Wash – While people are waiting, or again reach out to the manager and make them an affiliate!

19. Airports – Great place for people to sit down and do nothing for a few hours. What better than have them review your flyer and become interested?

20 – Family Gatherings – To one up your cousin who sells hats out of his trunk for a living, pass him a business card to make yourself look that much more successful to the fam!

Well that’s all the advise I have folks. I hope this helps! Use these ideas wisely and feel free to purchase a flyer sooner than later!

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