What You Really Need to Know to Make Money Online

how to make money online

What You Really Need to Know to Make Money Online
By Deirdre Jones

I am on the Internet every day, because I work almost exclusively from home. I do work with a few people/schools locally, but I do so because the work is satisfying and fulfilling. Almost every day, I come across the greatest “business” on the Internet. I often find myself thinking that it must be extremely difficult for those new to building a business on the Internet to focus. There are SO many shiny objects that you want them all. Those who have been here for a while (marketing on the Internet) understand. They have learned to sift through the madness and filter out the noise. You MUST learn this skill if you hope to build a sustainable business online.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus is very important when you are trying to building a business online. It is easy to hop from business opportunity to business opportunity, but ultimately, doing so will only leave you broke and frustrated. Choose a business that you believe in. This could be anything from selling marketable skills (writing, graphic design, etc.) to promoting affiliate products or participating in another type of business opportunity. The key is to focus on whatever you choose and give it time to work. Despite all the claims you see, you will not make millions overnight. However, you can build your business to the point where it is producing a nice, comfortable income.

Ask for Help

It is very easy to become jaded and to just give up on your dream of working from home when you are not seeing any success. Don’t give up! Remember, success does not happen overnight in most cases. You will likely try several strategies before finding those that work well for your business. Keep testing until you find what works. Most of all, ASK FOR HELP! There are many people doing very well online who are willing to help if you only ask. However, DO NOT expect them to put in the effort for you. Apply the guidance you receive and tweak it until it fits your business model. This is often a process of trial and error. Don’t change what is already working well, but don’t foolishly continue to pursue what is not either.

Be Persistent

Persistence pays off in the end. You cannot make progress if you are not continuously moving forward. Though success may not be happening as quickly as you would like, keep working at it. Your efforts will eventually pay off. Some days will be better than others.


If you want to be successful, make sure you surround yourself with successful people. You will find that their mindset is totally different from the average “work a job” individual. Successful people understand how to leverage their time and resources. Though you may to put in your share of grunt work in the beginning because you lack resources, you want to eventually leverage the resources you acquire. Networking with successful people in your business niche will help you achieve this goal as soon as possible.

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