How’s Network Marketing Been for You?


How’s Network Marketing Been for You?
By J Hagans

Network Marketing is a great way to get out of your 9 to 5 and start working from home. Many have tried their hand at one form of network marketing or another, especially with the current economy. So, how’s network marketing been for you? Are you one of the 95% that struggle with network marketing or are you in the 5% that are doing extremely well with it.

What makes network marketing so intriguing is that there is a proven system for success, so why are so many people struggling with network marketing. Most network marketing companies that I ran across give the same formula for success.

1) Tell everyone you know about your new business.

2) Have a home reception and invite people over to show the opportunity.

3) Get on conference calls and learn the business.

4) Promote – Promote – Promote

So it seems that if you did these simple steps you would be successful, so again I ask, How’s Network Marketing Been for You?

Where I had trouble at was first going to my family and friends sharing information that I had very little knowledge about and inviting people to my house for a reception didn’t sit well with me either. I thought I could skip pass those steps and start where I was comfortable. Big mistake, that’s like starting a McDonald’s franchise and saying, I don’t feel comfortable doing it their way, so I am going to try it my way and see how it works out.

Starting a network marketing business is like getting a franchise at the fraction of the cost and you can earn while you learn, but you must follow the system. Once I started following the system and doing things I was uncomfortable with I started to see my business grow. It wasn’t overnight success, but each day I followed the steps in the system and did some research on the things that were presented to me, I started seeing results.

Here are a few steps that helped with my online success.

1) Start following the top producers in the company.

Get on their training calls, followed them on Facebook, read their blogs and started to do the things they are doing.

2) Post a video on YouTube everyday.

Post videos about your progress, post training videos and post fun things that you are doing now because of the money you are making.

3) Share on your Facebook timeline and in groups about your business daily.

Sign up for the pro version of Hootsuite where you can have all your social media on one platform. It will let you post to multiple Facebook groups at one time and you can also schedule your post. They offer a 30 day free trial and after that its only $10/mo.

Your post shouldn’t be all about your business opportunity, put some of your personality in their, share some quotes, comment on your friends post and interact.

4) Post ads on all the free classified sites.

You should be posting at least 20 ads a day. Make sure you use long-tail keywords in your title. You will have to do a little research here, but it is worth it.

Doing these 4 simple things will get the momentum going and then you can branch out to some other areas of marketing and become a top producer.

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