8 Ways To Market Your MCA Business Offline

how to market MCA offline

8 Ways To Market Your MCA Business Offline

Let’s face it. Marketing your MCA business online is great, but you’re ambitious and you want to take full advantage of what Motor Club of America has to offer. You decide that you want to take your marketing efforts offline to put a face to your Motor club of America business. Here are some tips that will help you as you step out into the world to start promoting TVC marketing to potential customers.

Purchase MCA Flyers & Business Cards

One of the first steps you can take toward marketing your MCA business offline is purchasing a set of business cards and/or MCA Flyers. I personally recommend Motor Club Flyers. I’ve been doing business with the owner for years. He’s a true gentleman and MCA business professional.

On your MCA business cards and MCA flyers be sure to include relevant contact information such as your website, phone number, Title, etc.

Use of print materials like these is an easy way to market MCA offline in your area.

Where To Market Your MCA Business

1. Advertise Your MCA Business In Classified Ads

Believe or not people still read classified ads. You can advertise your business in these weekly prints for a relatively low cost. Some classified ads are even free! This gives you the opportunity to gain massive exposure as you market your MCA business offline.

2. Market To Small Business Owners

A powerful way to market MCA offline is to present the benefits to other small business owners such as automotive shops, used car dealerships, etc.  These small businesses interact with hundreds, if not thousands, of customers in Motor Club of America’s niche. These customers may be in need of roadside assistance services.

How To Market Your MCA Business

3. Market MCA At The Unemployment Office

Stopping by your local unemployment office is a great way to find prospects who may be potentially interested in started a business of their own to market TVC motor club’s services. Have your MCA flyers and MCA business cards ready to share.

4. Attend Local Jobs Fairs and Trade Shows

As an MCA independent business owner, you can generate hundreds of leads by setting up a small booth at job fairs and trade shows. You can introduce Motor Club of America’s roadside assistance services to new groups of people and potentially find some great candidates who are interested in the MCA business opportunity.

5. Set up A Booth A Truck Stop

Motor Club of America has been around since 1926. Before it went viral online, it was marketed to truck drivers. Setting up a small booth at a truck stop is a powerful way to promote your MCA business. You can share the TVC Pro Driver plans with these truck drivers, earning you income and helping them with their roadside needs.

6. Local Chamber of Commerce

If you Google search your “city name + chamber of commerce” you will find your local chamber of commerce. This is a place where business professionals meet, network, and negotiate business deals. There is typically a membership fee, but it is well worth it. You’ll be able to associate with other business owners and salesmen/women who may be interested in generating income with MCA and/or purchasing roadside assistance services.

Market Your Motor Club of America Business Offline

7. Post Tear Off Flyers at Local Colleges

It wasn’t so long ago, that I was in college. I remember always looking for ways to make money. I also remember having a car with no roadside assistance coverage.

Do you see where this is going?

College campuses give you access to tons of people who may be interested in learning more about Motor Club of America’ business.

8. Your Cell Phone

Your cell phone holds many of your close personal contacts. Many of these folks are interested in earning money from home. Motor Club of America’s business can help them achieve that goal. Others might need the roadside assistance service, AD&D benefit or even the prescription discounts.

As one of my MCA team leaders says, “Use the OYM method”

Open your mouth (OYM) and tell someone about your great Motor Club of America business!

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    Hey what’s going on Isaac, I just became an associate of MCA, I haven’t made any sales yet because I’m waiting for my background check…Here is my email…Could you please respond at your earliest convenience, I have a trainer but he won’t pick up his phone or basically train me…I have a little experience with MLMs so I know the concept…But I am in a real tight situation and I need to make some serious sales before March 31st…I am gonna send off for my drop cards asap and have some methods to market the services offline and obviously social media and online job sites…I mainly wanted to know some of your generating lead headlines you used for online ads and some of your offline techniques?

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