Finding The Right Home Based Business – 5 Steps To Success


Finding The Right Home Based Business – 5 Steps To Success
By Katty Dicus

Finding the right home based business takes research and asking a lot of questions. Many online entrepreneurs jump into a business without putting any thought into it.

They don’t take their time checking out the business or opportunity and they usually end up broke and disappointed. There are many scams on the internet and finding a legit home based business is not an easy task, but with some effort you can find the right one.

You may have a friend who referred a business opportunity he just joined and is excited about, but has he made any money from it and does the business have proof of success?

Many business programs charge an upfront fee as a rep or associate and some of the fees are quite staggering but they do not show you the real picture until after you join and they’ve collected your money.

You’re left on your own with no support or training and you have no idea where to start. There are 5 steps to success in finding the right home based business.

1 – Opportunity – The business opportunity must have a proven training system in place that’s been tried and tested making it easy for the everyday normal person to make money.

2 – Training calls - It must offer training calls, webinars or audios teaching the newcomer to follow someone successful with the system. It must have videos with proof showing how other people have made money.

3 – Back office – It needs to have marketing tools, training audios, auto responder lead system, flyers, banners and a way to track your sign ups. It should be easy to navigate taking you from one step to the next without confusion.

4 – Capture page - It needs to provide its members with their own capture page that does the showing, telling and selling convincing prospects to sign up.

The capture page should have an intro video showing prospects a glimpse of what the business is about and a form to capture their name and email taking them to another page with more in-depth details with videos and proof the opportunity works.

5 – The company must have a superior service or product that everybody needs and wants. It needs to be in business longer than seven years and be in good standing with the better business bureau.

It needs to be debt free with extensive growth and have a history of paying their associates on time every week. It needs to pay a good referral fee to its associates who refer people that sign up. It must provide paychecks as well as direct deposit.

If you follow the 5 steps to success you will find the right home based business that can change your life financially. If you keep hopping from one business to the next, you’ll get nowhere letting these companies bleed you dry.

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