Complete Roadside Assistance Coverage For Your Family

Motor Club Of America's Benefits Provide You With Safety and Security For Your Family As Well As A Great Income Opportunity

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Motor Club Of America Benefits

MCA Total Security Membership

Allow Motor Club Of America To Provide To You With A Complete Roadside Assistance Solution

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Emergency Roadside Assistance Services

Confidently Covered

When Driving Your Vehicle, It's Not A Matter Of "IF" Something Will Happen. Its Always A Matter Of "When". You Can Drive Confidently With MCA's Total Security Membership.

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Legit Business Opportunity

Referral Rewards Program

Earn Monetary Compensation By Referring Family And Friends To Be Fully Covered With Total Security Membership.

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Motor Club of America is an industry leader in roadside assistance and has been serving customers in the USA and Canada since 1926.



3 Reasons For Motor Club Of America Benefits

Total Security
  • A $150,000+ Value
    Comprehensive coverage and exceptional service from a trusted company.
  • Save Big By Choosing MCA
    Total Security Membership provides discounts on prescriptions, vision care, dental, hotels, and rental cars.
Peace of Mind
  • You Can Rest Easy
    With MCA’s Total Security Membership your vehicle will be adequately covered.


Motor Club of America Free Towing Credit Card Protection Prescriptions Vision And Dental Daily Hospital Benefit AD&D Benefit Referral Rewards
Unlimited Up To 100 Miles Up To $1000 Up To 60% on Generic, 25% on Brand Names Up to 60% on vision, 50% on dental Up to $54,750 Up to $50,000 $80 Per Referral*
  • *BONUS* Referral Rewards Program
    Total Security Membership qualifies you to receive $80-$90 per referral to the Total Security Membership Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Total Security Expensive? Motor Club Of America Offers Affordable Coverage
    Motor Club Of America Benefits Can Be Purchased For Less Than A Full Tank Of Gasoline
  • When Am I Covered? Coverage Is Effective Within 24 Hours
    As Soon As You Complete Your Purchase Your Motor Club Of America Benefits Coverage Begins Within 24 Hours
  • Can I Really Make Money For Referrals? Yes You Can
    One of the great Motor Club Of America Benefits is the rewarding and lucrative referral program; this program gives back to loyal members.

Your Safety and Security Are Invaluable

  • 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week Around The Clock Coverage
    As a Total Security Member of MCA You Are Covered 24 Hours a Day Whenever You Are Injured In ANY Accident.
  • Legal Assistance Attorneys When You Need Them Most.
    Motor Club Of America Will Arrange Lawyer Services for Moving Violations, Auto Manslaughter, Auto Assault & Battery, Auto Related Personal Injury and More.
  • Travel Services Plan Your Road Trips With Confidence.
    Motor Club Of America’s Knowledgeable and Courteous Staff Will Help Guide You On Through Your Travels, Whether Direct Or Scenic Route.
  • Key Medallion Program Loose Your Keys? No Problem!
    MCA Motor Club Of America’s Key Medallion Program Protects Your Keys So They Can Be Returned To You Safely
  • And So Much More Yes Seriously There Is More!
    There Are 19+ Motor Club Of America Benefits With Total Security Membership!

Your Motor Club Of America Benefits Consultant, Isaac Hughley

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Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Motor Club Of America goes the extra mile to ensure total security coverage.